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> Just for the sake of argument... which 0083 and Zeta bad guys would you
> propose they make? The Gerbera Tetra gets only a smidgen more screen time
> than the naked GP03S, which is to say virtually none, and it makes even

heh, a gelgoog marine would be nice, or a Dom II / Dom Tropen. I've never
seen Zeta, tho, so I don't have an opinion either way on that one.

> *Yes, the same is true of the GM Custom versus the regular GM - thanks
> to Okawara's poor MG Gundam design, it can't be adapted into any familiar
> GM. But at least there's the Alex to provide a bridge.

thank god for that Alex kit. I honestly never thought I'd see one happen,
but hey, if it gets me more GMs, then more power to 'em.

> The Kaempfer, on the other hand, made a great impression on screen;
> it's not too huge; it has lots of cool weapons; it's very distinctive;
> and it's just plain cool. The only problems I can see are that all the
> weapons would make for a pricey kit, and 0080 apparently isn't very
> popular in Japan. But hey, they made the Alex...!

Yeah, Kaempfer MG kit would be seriously cool, plus it'd be a great
compliment to the Alex kit. Who knows, maybe they'll do one. It'd be nice,
that's for sure. (And hey, since we're on the topic of 0080, let's talk GM

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