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Kaworu Nagisa writes,

> Ha ha ha ha ha! No wonder it lost so easily in the
> finals ^^;

  That's where the cheaters get their comeuppance. :-)

> Anyway, there seemed to be something
> wrong there... how come in the G vs. Cobra Gundam
> episode, the Gundam Rose was shown beating up the
> Nether Gundam? Wasn't it already defeated by the
> Gundam Zeus in the previous episode?

  Right. As I noted, in the tournament round, you no longer get
disqualified if your Gundam is decapitated or destroyed; everybody fights
everybody else, or almost so, and the contestants for the final round are
selected based on their overall score. Thus, Domon eventually battles and
defeats each of his friends, but they all did so well in the tournament
that they're eligible for the Battle Royal. And everybody gets a chance
to destroy the hapless Nether Gundam.

> Hmm... just a thought here; how come I see a Gundam
> that looks like either the RX-78-2 or the V Gundam
> in Stoker's narration earlier in the series?

  I might have missed that, but you get a whole bunch of Gundam cameos in
the last two episodes - including the Wing Gundam, in sort of a sneak
preview of the next series!

> Umm... wasn't he already using the "God Finger" at that
> time? And what about the "Tenkyouken"?

  Yes, but "Shining Finger" sounded better for my purposes. :-)

> Who's Goriki?

  He's this Tetsujin 28-style robot from Kia Asamiya's comic Steam
Detectives. The line in my signature is from the latest installment
serialized in Animerica Extra. I was very amused. :-)

-- Mark

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