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Rodrick Su asks,

>What are the numerical differences between F & S type? I know that S type
>has an extra antenna for command communication...

  Here's a three-way comparison between the Zaku I, and the F and S type
Zaku II...

                     Zaku I Zaku II Zaku II

Model number / MS-05B MS-06F MS-06S
Head height / 17.5 m 17.5 m 17.5 m
Base weight / 50.3 t 58.1 t 56.2 t
Full weight / 65.0 t 73.3 t 74.5 t
Generator output / 899 kW 951 kW 976 kW
Thrusters / 19500 kg x 2 20500 kg x 2 N/A
  850 kg x 2   1000 kg x 2 N/A
Total thrust / 40700 kg 43000 kg 48500 kg
180 degree turn / 2.9 sec 1.7 sec N/A
Sensor radius / 2900 m 3200 m N/A
Land speed / 65 km/h 88 km/h N/A

  As you can see, the S type Zaku's thrust is now just 13% more than that
of the F type - and, since, it's slightly heavier, the increase in
acceleration is more like 11%. However, the higher weight (and reduced
dry weight) gives it about three tons more propellant, which is probably
about a 30% increase. Thus, the S type is only slightly faster, but its
does have a pretty nice increase in fuel (and hence operating time). This
has long been claimed as one of the S type's major advantages, and it's
nice to see it reflected in the specs.

  The lower thrust figure for the S type is, I'd note, in line with other
such variants. Typically a tuned-up or custom version of a mobile suit
only gets a thrust increase of 10-15% (as with the GM II, Marasai and
Hizack Sniper versus the regular Hizack, Dijeh versus Rick Dias, et
cetera). A 20-30% increase is usually reserved for a variant with obvious
booster packs, like the Zaku III Kai, Dowadge Kai, High Mobility Gelgoog,
et cetera.

  This also leaves lots of room for the R type variants, which should be
roughly comparable with a Rick Dom. Since the Rick Dom has 53 tons of
thrust (56 tons for the Rick Dom II), we can safely put the R-1 type Zaku
on the low end of this range, and the R-2 type on the upper... perhaps
the latter does indeed have the 56,200 kg of thrust listed on the MG
kit's backpack sticker, eh?

-- Mark, getting techie

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