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> Then you're right at the changeover from round one to round two. The complete Gundam Fight runs a full year, the first eleven months of which indeed consist of a Highlander-style elimination process in which the
Gundams wander the planet picking random fights. This "Survival Eleven" phase is when the destroy-your-head-and-you're-out clause applies. In
case you're curious, yes, you can make it through this phase simply by hiding - according to series director Imagawa, the Nether Gundam made it to the next round by turning into a windmill and sitting inconspicuously
on a hill for eleven months!

 Ha ha ha ha ha! No wonder it lost so easily in the
 finals ^^; Anyway, there seemed to be something
 wrong there... how come in the G vs. Cobra Gundam
 episode, the Gundam Rose was shown beating up the
 Nether Gundam? Wasn't it already defeated by the
 Gundam Zeus in the previous episode?

> Anyone who makes it through these eleven months without losing his head is advanced to the tournament phase, a one-month event hosted by the previous winner (Neo Hong Kong in this case). Here, the Gundams are pitted against one another in supervised duels to determine the overall
best. The head clause no longer applies, and all contestants can be rebuilt as often as necessary. However, only the very best make it to the final round...

 Hmm... just a thought here; how come I see a Gundam
 that looks like either the RX-78-2 or the V Gundam
 in Stoker's narration earlier in the series?

> ...the Battle Royal, held this time on some remote island. If memory serves, the top twelve Gundam Fighters from the tournament round are dumped in the middle of nowhere, to fight until only one is left standing. This would be the Gathering, in Highlander terms, and naturally
"in the end, there can be only one. Let it be Domon Kasshu and his Shining Finger."

 Umm... wasn't he already using the "God Finger" at that
 time? And what about the "Tenkyouken"?

>Goriki has an intelligence and grace lacking in all other megamatons! Plus, the power to stop steam trains! Goriki is ART!

 Who's Goriki?

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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