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Dafydd writes,

>It should also be noted that Char's Zaku was a custom job and supposedly
>three times faster (some say "a third faster" -- i.e., 133% -- as opposed
>to the 300% of the former figure) than an unmodified Zaku.

  That's Char's S type Zaku, the one he's using as the TV series begins,
not the C type Zaku he used during the Ruum Campaign. (And, as I
mentioned, the PG Char's Zaku specs give it a further thrust reduction...
now it's barely 15% higher than a standard Zaku, presumably so as not to
eclipse the R type Zaku and the Rick Dom.)

>The omake ("extra") at the end of one of the 08th MS Team volumes credits
>this, along with Char's tactic of springboarding from one target to another
>using the recoil of the legs, as the basis for his 5-ship score.

  The ship-to-ship jumping may have some merit, but if they think that he
had the same high-speed Zaku during the Ruum Campaign, then they're
mistaken. As for the 5-ship score, one shouldn't underestimate the use of
nuclear warheads as a contributing factor. ;-)

-- Mark

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