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>> I thought it was, too. But I was in a local Suncoast video store and saw
>> gundam tapes which, to me at least, appeared to have only one episode per
>> tape on them. Anyone else seen this?
>Only the last tape of the 0083 release has one episode. Thirteen episodes
>spread across seven tapes. On the other hand, 0080 has three episodes on each
>of the two tapes.

Something's fishy here.

Gundam 0080 was released as two volumes of 3 eps each, right enough, but
Gundam 0083 was released as four volumes, with 4 eps on Volume 1 and 3 eps
on the remaining 3 volumes.

Let me qualify that. The SUBTITLED Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083 were
released this way. I have the 0080/0083 boxed set, with both OAV series
housed in a single 6-tape box.

I guess they figure than anyone who has to be spoon-fed an English-dubbed
(and significantly rewritten) version will also stand for having the
episodes doled out one at a time.

Of course, the dubbed eps are, what, half the list price of the subbed eps?
 So by selling them at half-price but one-third to one-quarter the episode
count, the "less expensive" dubs end up costing 150% to 200% more....

That certainly covers the cost of the voice actors, eh?


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