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Rodrick Su asks,

>Question: At the beganning of OYW, was Char flying a MS-06C Zaku II or an
>officer version MS-06S Zaku II? We know that by the time MS Gundam began,
>he was flying the 6S model, but that's 6 months after the Battle of Ruum.

  Char was using a C type Zaku at the time, albeit (at least according to
Giren's Greed) one painted in his familiar pink-and-scarlet colors.
Though claims vary as to the timing of the S type's arrival, there's no
real evidence that it was available until after the first month of the
war, as with the F type Zaku II.

  There are several aces - including Char and the Black Trinary - who
went from the C type to the S type, and others - such as Johnny Ridden
and Shin Matsunaga - who went from the C type to the F type, but none who
went from an F to an S, which suggests to me that they were introduced at
about the same time. Certainly, progressive retcons (most recently, the
specs on the PG Char's Zaku box) have eroded the performance of the S
type to where it's hardly worth switching.

-- Mark

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