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>> Thanks for the info. I haven't done much looking so far, but I
>> guess I'll have to pop my head into my nearest toy shop (my nearest Toys
>> R Us is in Plymouth, 70+ miles!).
>Come to think of it, I think Toys R Us are an official outlet, but you might
>have fun finding one which they supply to.

        Knowing my luck, its the Fort William branch. ^_^ (about as far
away as you can get from where I am without while staying on the same
landmass... ) Still, I'll keep an eye out at the next con I'm at, if I
see lots of Wing kits I'll know why...
>> As to the dumping of kits - could Bandai do all us UK residents
>> a favour and dump some Gundam tapes as well? Pretty please? <bambi eyes
>> flutter>
>They're thinking about it, but if this happens the first one you'll see will
>more than likely be Gundam Wing - up to you whether you think this is a good
>or bad thing ;-)
        Er, no comment. ^_^ Interesting news though. Wonder if they're
planning a direct release under the AV label, or are teaming up with one
of the established UK companies...

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