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Eddie writes,

>Well... they've released the MG Zeta as the 3rd design from the MG line.
>2 years later, still no enemy suits from Zeta. The GP series of MG kits
>has been around for more than a year now, still no MG kits from 0083 Zeon

  Just for the sake of argument... which 0083 and Zeta bad guys would you
propose they make? The Gerbera Tetra gets only a smidgen more screen time
than the naked GP03S, which is to say virtually none, and it makes even
less of an impression. The Zaku, Dom, and Gelgoog from 0083 are anti-MSVs
in that they're functionally identical to the classic ones, but drawn so
differently that no part of the existing MG kits can be repurposed. Can't
see much point in making kits of these, and it would be pretty darned
tough to do even if they wanted.*

  *Yes, the same is true of the GM Custom versus the regular GM - thanks
to Okawara's poor MG Gundam design, it can't be adapted into any familiar
GM. But at least there's the Alex to provide a bridge.

  As for Z Gundam... well, I can't speak for anyone else, but the only
bad guys I like from that show are the big and weird-looking ones. The O,
the Bound Doc, the Messala, and even the Pallas Athene would benefit from
new kits, but they're so huge they'd be better suited for the smaller
HG-UC scale. The Asshimar and Gaplant are pretty hefty too, but perhaps a
little more feasible for 1/100 scale. And the B-CLUB Bolinoak Samaan
looks simply adorable.

  The smaller Titans mobile suits, however, are pretty lame and boring as
far as I'm concerned. Hizack? Barzam? Yuck. I dunno if I'd even spring
for an MG Marasai.

  The Kaempfer, on the other hand, made a great impression on screen;
it's not too huge; it has lots of cool weapons; it's very distinctive;
and it's just plain cool. The only problems I can see are that all the
weapons would make for a pricey kit, and 0080 apparently isn't very
popular in Japan. But hey, they made the Alex...!

-- Mark, hoping for an MG Hambrabi...

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