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> Yeap, that's the one. MG Char's Zaku II doesn't has the cool leg verniers
> or big backpack, but it does have some unique weapons of its own.

excellent! I shall place the order shortly then. Ah, the joys of modeling...
Anyhow, thanks for all the info, Eddie.

> Bandai hasn't released any Zeon MG kits from 0080 or 0083 so you may be
> waiting for a long time until they get to those.

well, not YET. With the Alex becoming an actual MG kit I'm going to go out
on a limb and say that it's "possible" now. At least, more possible than it
was say, two months ago.

> Eh? I thought 0083 was like 3 episodes per tape? Or are they doing that
> with the dubs?

I thought it was, too. But I was in a local Suncoast video store and saw
gundam tapes which, to me at least, appeared to have only one episode per
tape on them. Anyone else seen this?

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