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> Hmm.... well I think that doesn't really answer the "What are the Eyes
> question but. that brings up another question: If the GM has a better
> Targeting system why are later Gundam Prototypes not equipped w/ them?
> According to the gundam PG manual doesn't beam rifle transmit a signal to
> the
> Pegasus and then back to the RX-78's Rifle?
> Roger
> -End

If it does, then there's a lot washed bandwidth bouncing all over the place
in an MS battle. I see no reason for this to occur. I do understand way you
would want to mount an acquisition system on the weapon (better targeting
interface), and I do understand why you would want to interconnect the
acquisition system with acquisition system already built in to the MS
(triangulation, back-up, etc.). But why involve the transport? With the ECM
caused by all the Minovsky radiation, any link with another craft is not
guaranteed to last for very long, especially with added distance.

I would say that even though the tech book says it, it doesn't mean the tech
book is right. It just means that that is the way the book's writers tried to
justify the inner workings of fictional weapon system. You should take it
with a grain of salt.


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