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>> Ummm.... yeah. Anyways if it wasn't necessary wouldn't they have Taken it
>> since its not cost effective? GM's have the glass thingy on the front too!
>> Though not the same, its similar. I mean, all gundams, even Turn-A
>> has eyes, now that I think about it the only use they would have is
>> targeting
>> but that would make any sense because doesn't the carrier do that?
>> -End
>In a Minovsky particle enriched environment, machines of war would have to
>rely on visual targeting and acquisition. To this, optical arrays would be
>needed. A BI-optical array (Gundam) should be more accurate than a
>mono-optical array (Zaku), but a phased array (GM) should be superior.
>Hmm.... well I think that doesn't really answer the "What are the Eyes for?"
question but. that brings up another question: If the GM has a better
Targeting system why are later Gundam Prototypes not equipped w/ them?



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