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> Ok if you've ever noticed gundams have the Head mounted camera and
> and rear cameras are on the shoulder and body so what are the actual eyes
> I know it sounds like a dumb question but all these years of me watching
> gundam. this is the only thing that confused me..... I heard the were the
> cameras but they're on the front of the head. hmm....
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>I think it's for the peripheral vision,or maybe they're there to make it
>human like so people can imagine the thing to be more human-ish and
>thus,easier to accept as a symbol........or i could be drunk(most likely the
>latter) and the designers were drunk too when they designed it[i wouldnt be
>surprised if they made gundam anatomicly correct{leading to the true purpose
>of the utterly useless Nobel Gundam?!?!?!?!?!?!(last thing we need is mini
>gundams running in the front yard playing hopscotch and what have you)}]
>my 3 nickels and a dime,
 Ummm.... yeah. Anyways if it wasn't necessary wouldn't they have Taken it
 since its not cost effective? GM's have the glass thingy on the front too!
 Though not the same, its similar. I mean, all gundams, even Turn-A
 has eyes, now that I think about it the only use they would have is
 but that would make any sense because doesn't the carrier do that?
 - >>
Ugh.....oh boy,sorry about that last reply,you wont believe how tanked i
was...anyhoo, you have to remember the gundams are proto types,meaning they
could write anything into it's budget and get away with it.

the eternally unshaven and drunk

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