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>>><< I heard they were making Hyaku-Shiki and Rick Dias MG and Lately I've
>>> hearing HG Universal Century Type 100? So which is is MG or HG because I
>>> really would like to buy the Type 100 MG.Can someone help me out? >>
>>>Its going to be an HG. Its one of the new HG UC kits.
>>Yeah but I heard something about a MG 100, I heard that the MG line up was
>>in any particular order):
>>Type 100
>>Rick Dom
>>Rick Dias
>>and some other stuff I can't remember......
>The link I gave you in the previous message has links to all the announced
>new releases up to December. The MG kits include:
>October MG Alex NT-1
>October MG Rick Dom
>December MG ZZ Gundam
>December MG GM Custom
>December MG RGM-79Q GM Quel

Yeah I knew about it but I was so hoping that there would be a MG Type 100.too


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