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Sun, 19 Sep 1999 18:57:48 -0700 wrote:
> Hi! I need help on my 1) MG Super Gundam RX178 MK2 & 2) MG Zeta. I lost my
> instructions booklets and I was wondering whether anyone has it. You can
> send the scanned/zapped copy to this e-mail address. I'm also willing to
> pay a reasonable sum for the original booklets and was wondering whether
> anyone was willing to part with it? Thanks!
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I have the manual for the Zeta. Contact me off list with your address
so that I can send it to you. All I'd want you to pay for would be
postage, especially if the address is international (I'm in the US.)

Christopher Beilby
Gundam_Wizard of Gundam MUSH (Currently in Coding Stages)
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