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Welcome to the list. If you don't want to wait for the shipping, I would
suggest checking your "local import store." (Well, some of us are lucky
enough to have one.) There's one in my area and they usually get two or
three of the new kits in when they're first released, then don't get
resupplied for a month or two, once some supply is available in Japan.

If there's one nearby where you live, check it out and see if they have any.
That'd be your best bet if you don't want to ship.

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> Hi:
> I am new to this Mailing list. Just wondering
> what is the fastest method of purchasing the
> MG Gundam Alex NT beside HLJ or Rainbow Ten.
> They usually take about few weeks shipping from
> Japan. Is there any animated store carrying this
> new product?
> By the way, I have an extra MG GP-01FB
> model (not the coated version released recently)
> which I would like to trade with someone for
> a MG GP-01 (not the FB, but the pure GP01).
> Thank you.
> Pat

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