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> You should have gotten the Black Tri Stars' High Mobility MS-06R-1A Zaku
> Those come with new weapons and a pilot figure, not to mention the way
> vernier-loaded legs. And in case you haven't heard, there will be a

Is that the Zaku you're talking about? Because I was placing two orders, one
of non-MG kits and one of MG kits, but I haven't ordered the MG ones. Lemme
know, because that one does look a bit cooler than Char's Zaku, plus I
wouldn't have to paint the whole thing black and it does have some pretty
cool weapons n stuff.

> We will probably be kicking ourselves when a MG RickDom II gets announced,
> however unlikely that is.

Okay, I finally went over to the mobile suit database and looked up the Rick
Dom, Rick Dom II, and Dom Tropen. Turns out the Rick Dom II is the one I
REALLY want, or the Dom Tropen, cause I liked those almost more than the
Gelgoogs. So, only one of the two Dom Kits, I think I should go with the
first one released, and hold off in case a II or Tropen comes along. Even if
it is unlikely.

> If you were thinking of the "HGUC" series of kits, they were in 1/144
> too. Basically kits with brand new design from the ground up (no
> whatsoever) of the classic MSs from the UC Tomino shows. The series thus
> far includes: GunCannon, Gyan, Zaku III Custom, Qubeley, 100-Shiki, and
> latest that was annouced was the Zugock (YES!!!!)

those are indeed the ones I were referring to. Thanks for clearing that up.

> Don't hold your breath until Gundam comes out on DVD in Japan. That's the
> official policy, the reasoning behind it being "gaijins do not deserve to
> get all the cool stuff before we do". I bet Emotion is holding back on
> Gundam DVDs because they must be cooking up some really cool value-added
> contents that take advantage of the possibilities DVD technology offers.
> Eddie

heh, that's cool. I suppose what's going to end up happening is that I'll
buy 08th MS team on videotape (boxed set, yeah, tho is better not be one
episode per tape - I just realized AnimeVillage was doing that with 0083 now
and I think that's a crime.), and then when Gundam is released on DVD, buy
'em all over again.

Why is it that I have all these EXPENSIVE hobbies? sigh...

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