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>> I dunno about you, but for me this recent batch of new releases are
>> beginning to put me into financial woes... seems like the Big Bang Project
>> is about quantity, not quality...
>I'm not worried, yet. I mean, sure, those particular kits are all variations
>on the same base, but they all look to be good kits, plus they're kits that
>people WANT. I mean, my GM is one of my favorite MG kits, mostly because
>it's so cool! Color variations worry me when you see a lot of those. (I
>never understood the reasoning behind having so many Zaku kits. I love my
>Zaku, don't get me wrong, but I have ONE, the regular greenie, painted
>black, and I MIGHT get Char's Zaku for the extra goodies, but that's it.)

You should have gotten the Black Tri Stars' High Mobility MS-06R-1A Zaku II.
Those come with new weapons and a pilot figure, not to mention the way cool
vernier-loaded legs. And in case you haven't heard, there will be a limited
release (convention only) of plated Char's Gundam and Gato's Gelgoog in
October. Not to mention earlier this year there was another convention-only
kit, the chrome/pewter plated Gundam from 08th MS Team. And then you've got
a slew of chrystal editions of BB Gundams up for prizes each month after
the summer... what's a Gundam collector to do?!

>I've never thought the little pilot figures were such a great deal - I just
>want the gundams.

I think the trend was started with the LMHG Evangelion kits. Kind of Bandai's
way of compensating for the lack of those character kits since the original

>Although, I may just get one of each, if they prove to be
>just different enough. (Heck, I bought the gelgoog-a and b/c, why not get a
>second dom, right?)

We will probably be kicking ourselves when a MG RickDom II gets announced,
however unlikely that is.

>> Not sure what you were referring to by "those re-tooled 1/100 kits" - the
>> 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam kit was re-tooled and released as a "First Grade"
>I vaguely remember there being some buzz back in April about a bunch of
>re-tooled 0079 kits. ("Katoki" comes to mind tho I'm not sure quite why.)
>They were supposed to be more poseable and made from better plastic, or

If you were thinking of the "HGUC" series of kits, they were in 1/144 scale
too. Basically kits with brand new design from the ground up (no retooling
whatsoever) of the classic MSs from the UC Tomino shows. The series thus
far includes: GunCannon, Gyan, Zaku III Custom, Qubeley, 100-Shiki, and the
latest that was annouced was the Zugock (YES!!!!)

>> It's known as the "national shame" in Japan. Strangely, it found more
>> acceptance here on the GML, where few had actually seen an episode of the
>> show...
>> Eddie
>That's too bad. I had kind of hoped it would have picked up over there,
>because the premise behind it seemed pretty cool. Ah well. Sometimes stuff
>just doesn't happen the way you hope it to.
>Speaking of hopes, any word on Anime Village releasing Gundam on DVD?

Don't hold your breath until Gundam comes out on DVD in Japan. That's the
official policy, the reasoning behind it being "gaijins do not deserve to
get all the cool stuff before we do". I bet Emotion is holding back on
Gundam DVDs because they must be cooking up some really cool value-added
contents that take advantage of the possibilities DVD technology offers.


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