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Hi everyone,

    I finished watching 0083: Stardust Memories a couple of weeks ago, and
I've come to an odd conclusion. So, let me tell you what I think the origins
of the GP04 are.


    Three years after the One Year War has ended, a faction of the Federation
Armed Forces leadership came to the realization that the rest of the
Federation government thinks that the status quo has returned, and that there
should no more worries of war. With the power and prestige of the war
industry starting to wind down, this faction devises a plan that will put the
Federation on a permanent war footing.
    The fist part of the plan to execute a series of atrocities committed by
the remnants of Zeon still in Earth space. A colony drop is the most visual
example of Zeon tyranny, and a colony dropped on a vital (but not crippling)
area should work nicely. Also, a devastating strike on the combined
Federation forces would be need in order to pull such an operation off. To
this, a plan to hold a fleet wide naval review during a colony movement is
put into motion.
    The next part is to cripple the Fleet is such a manner as to cause terror
in the Federation government, but still allow a needed faction of the armed
forces to survive unscathed. A single nuclear strike delivered by a single
Mobile Suit, in the Zeon manner, would suffice.
    The following parts will be the creation of just such a Mobile Suit, and
allowing said MS to fall into Zeon hands. As the leader of the Earth Space
Zeon remnant fleet, Delaz was contacted and given a time table on where to
acquire the MS, and what to do with it, as well as the overall goal of the
colony drop. This coincided with Delaz's plans of striking back at the
Federation in the name of Zeon, as retribution for their defeat. To this
Delaz recruited the Cima Fleet as an expendable cut out, and sent his
lieutenant, Cmd. Anaval Gato, to oversee the Earthside operation.
    A Zeon pilot-able, nuclear capable MS being needed, a project was put
forth for the development of a new series of Gundams. To act as cover, and to
sell to idea, it suggested that four Suits be developed: a close combatant
like the original Gundam, a weapons platform compatible MS like the G-Unit in
the OYW, an assault MS, and a nuclear delivery MS.
    While the updated Gundam an easy sell, the G-Unit style Gundam was seem
as needed insurance in case the Zeons got out of hand. The assault unit was
later seen as being too powerful in the right hands, and was dropped so it
wouldn't be able to stop to nuclear unit too quickly. That would leave a
Gundam to use as a symbol, an enforcer to use when needed, and the key needed
to bring the operation off.
    With three of four units completed, and one of them space based, the
other two units were moved Earthside for ground testing, and to provide the
Zeons with their best chance to acquire the nuclear unit. With passes,
uniforms, and locations provided, the Zeon forces lead by Gato easily
assaulted the Earthside test facilities where the two new Gundam units had
just arrived. The idea was meet up with an orbital launch and rendezvous with
    Unfortunately for Operation Stardust, a Zeon-styled-MS trained Fed pilot
took control of the new Gundam, Unit 1, and spoiled the escape attempt. The
fallback option was taken, and the nuclear Gundam, Unit 2, was launch into
space from an African based Zeon launch site. With the deadline quickly
approaching, the final events are put into motion.
    While a group of Fed pilots are tasked with recovering the Unit 2, Cima
is assigned with acquiring a Gundam quality MS form Anaheim Electronics, the
manufacture of the current three Gundam units. She is to purchase this MS for
Gatos use after the Unit 2 has severed its purpose. Cima attacks the Fed
recovery team on her way to AE, crippling the Unit 1. At the Luna city of Van
Braun, Cima tries to make a profit by acquiring a Mobile Armor being built by
a Zeon-expatriate, but that MA is distroyed by the rebuilt Unit 1. So Cima
takes a loss and buys the built but unfinish Unit 4, the cancelled assault
gundam. Cima then leaves to hijack a colony for the drop.
    The time of Operation Stardust is approaching, and the next part begins
with Gato destroying the Fed Fleet during its naval reveiw with a nuclear
warhead launched from the Unit 2. The Unit's 1 and 2 fight to their own
destruction, while both pilots survive. Gato is recover by the Axis Fleet,
while the Fed pilot is recovered by his team.
    Cima threatens Luna with a colony drop so that they will fire their
launch lasers to power up the colony's maneurering engines. With the engines
fired, Cima directs the colony to an Earthside target. She them heads out the
Delaz to deleiver the Unit 4 while her fleet joins up with Federation in an
attempt to stop the colony from falling.
    Gato receives a new MA from Axis, the Neue Ziel. He uses it to delay the
Fed Fleet. In the mean time, the Fed pilot that faught Gato on so many
occasions has acquired the Unit 3, a fully functional MS mounting a fully
functional MA. Cime kills Delaz, and takes the Unit 4 when Gato tries to kill
her. Both Gato and Fed pilot again fight to a stand still, then Gate goes to
make final course correction at the colony. Gato then takes out the Fed
system set up to stop the colony, And again he fights the Unit 3.
    The colony drops. Delaz's Fleet get annyhalated. Gato's forces are
destroyed. Axis leaves with whatever is left of Delaz's forces. The
Federation government is so shakened by the these events that they agreed to
fornimg an autononamus unit to qwell any emerging resistance to Federation
    Thus, the Titians are formed.

At least, that how I saw it.


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