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>Hey guys. seems I missed a lot over the summer. I'm just now getting around
>to checking HLJ's site again and BOOM! Wow! So, naturally, I have a few
>questions (which could have been avoided if there were pictures on the HLJ
>site, but alas, there are not):

They won't have any pictures until they actually get the kits.

>1) Dom or Rick-Dom? I was gonna order the Dom, but if the Rick comes with
>more stuff, well, I'm always about getting more stuff.

The Rick comes with heat saber, beam bazooka, and a regular bazooka.
Doesn't look like it will come with the machine gun, panzer faust, and
extra ammo clips like the MG Dom. Besides, you get a pilot figure with
the MG Dom, so I guess you should go with the Dom, or get 1 of each.

>2) What's with these new GMs? Anything neat? I looked but haven't been able
>to find any graphical data on them. Just curious, mostly.

Consider the MG GM Custom and MG GM Quell Bandai's way of maximizing mold
recyclability after they've invested in creating the MG Alex. Both GMs
are from 0083, the GM Quell appears at the very end of 0083 when Titans
came to power.

>3) Alex? There's an MG ALEX out? A few months ago we were all saying that
>this would NEVER happen! When did it happen? Just now? Where can I get info
>on the kit?

Even more exciting news is the MG ZZ coming out...

>4) Are these "real-type" models those re-tooled 1/100 kits that were talked
>about before? They look like 'em...

Not sure what you were referring to by "those re-tooled 1/100 kits" - the
1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam kit was re-tooled and released as a "First Grade" kit
recently though, and Char's Zaku II will be the next for the re-tooling

As for the Real Type models, they were transitional releases between the
original Mobile Suit Gundam kits and the MSV kits. Basically 1/100 kits of
the main suits from MSG molded in military colors and packaged in way cool
looking boxes, and you get decals with these kits too. Numerous color
schemes are offered on the side panels (some of them were eventually
incorporated into MSV designs) of the box. These kits have been around
since the early 80s. What you see on HLJ was just a recent reissue of old
stuff like the 1/60 scale F-91 that's been flooding eBay.

The Real Type line consists of:

- Gundam: its black, white, and red color scheme would eventually be copied
  for the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam kit from MSV. You will also notice a
  G-3 Gundam color scheme in one of their examples which IIRC Bandai called
  "urban warfare version".

- GunCannon: basically a darker version of the original, adopting a more
  Gundam-like color scheme for the body. Note the blue example was the
  same colors used for one of the GunCannon variants in MSV.

- GM: similar to the GunCannon, the bright red parts were now molded in
  dark crimson. I really liked the box cover illustration of this particular

- Zaku I: featuring one of the ugliest box cover, and similarly hideous
  color scheme of blue and brown.

- Zaku II: now molded in basically olive green, this is the Real Type release
  with the most military feel to it. This was also my first 1/100 scale
  Gundam kit, ah, the memories...

- Dom: while the cover picture did not stray too far from the Black Trinary
  colors, the sample color schemes were hideous. You are probably better
  off sticking to the colors the parts were molded in.

- Gelgoog: molded in desert colors. Still a mean looking machine!

>I guess its a good thing I didn't order anything over the summer then, isn't

Hmm... you might want to get the coating version kit of MG GP-01Fb, which
comes with an exclusive Kou Uraki figure, and/or the coating version kit of
MG MS-06S Char's Zaku II, which comes with an exclusive figure of Char
(unmasked in normal suit). Like the coating versions of MG Gundam and Zeta,
these kits won't be reissued in the future. B-Club also has a cheapo 1-
piece clear resin figure of Amuro, which went for about 1980 yen. Last but
not least, check out the pre-painted vinyl kit of Sayla Mass from B-Club,
which comes with real clothing you can put on the finished figure.

>Ah well... seems that so far all of my wishes have come true. Heck if
>Bandai releases an MG Gouf and an MG Unit Three then I'll be just about the
>happiest gundam fan on the planet. (Alex? really? I think I'm in denial!)

Gee, aren't they running out of Gundams for the MG line? I guess the
Nu, F-91, and even 08th MS Team Gundams aren't far in the future.

>Oh yah, what's the verdict on Turn-A? I haven't heard much about it as my
>"local import store" hasn't been very good on getting fansubs.

It's known as the "national shame" in Japan. Strangely, it found more
acceptance here on the GML, where few had actually seen an episode of the


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