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>> Camille Vidan and Fa Yuri make a cameo appearance on page 94 as they check
>> into a hotel in Von Braun City, but they play not role in the story.
>> They'd both be 30 years old at this time.
>How Camille's mind appears?

In the half-dozen panels on that single page, Canille appears perfectly normal.

On the other hand, neither he nor Fa look to be 30.

On the gripping hand, Camille and Fa bear a striking resemblance to Donnie
and Marie Osmond....

Seriously, though, Moon Crisis is set six years after CCA, which was five
years after the end of ZZ. Given the progress in Camille's recovery
between the end of Z and the end of ZZ (UC 0088.02.22 to 0089.03.15,
respectively -- just over a year) it's not all that improbable that he'd be
full recovered by UC 0099.06, over ten years down the road.


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