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>> Hi, here are some answers to help you, not THE answers, but..... here we
>> go......
>anything is better than nothing, dude. it's cool.
>> Go for Dom, it's the mount for the Black Tri-Star's Ortega, and it's
>> identical to the Rick-Dom, externally.
>not quite sure what you mean with the "mount" comment, but your word is as
>good as any. I never could see a big difference between the Dom and the Rick
>Dom anyways. Tho, I think the Dom Tropen was bigger or somethin, wasn't he?

He meant the Dom is the personal suit of the Black Trinary. With the MG kit
you get a pilot figure of Ortega, but not with the MG kit of Rick-Dom.
The Rick-Dom does give you a beam bazooka, a funky weapon that, as far as I
know, only appeared in novels and games. The MG Rick-Dom will have different
layout of thrusters under its skirt and maybe leg armor too, and perhaps
some propeller tank on the bank. You might get less weapon than the MG Dom
kit since they are giving you a beam bazooka.

>> > 3) Alex? There's an MG ALEX out? A few months ago we were all saying
>> > this would NEVER happen! When did it happen? Just now? Where can I get
>> > on the kit?
>> Haven't you saw the messages on the list ? That's a GOOD place to find
>what you
>> want to know.
>I just re-subscribed after leaving in the middle of April for Final Exams
>and summer break. I _am_ in the process of scanning through the archives
>but, as you can guess, that takes quite some time. I had just heard
>absolutely NIL on this model, and the Alex is my second favorite gundam
>(With Unit 3 being the first), so I was naturally, pleasantly surprised and
>quite intrigued when I decided to order some things from HLJ and saw "Alex"
>on the MG list.

The MG GM Custom and MG GM Quell will come out around the same time because
they share basically the same torso with the Alex. A MG ZZ Gundam is also
suppose to come out later this year, but the Type 100 has been tossed to
the HGUC bin.


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