Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:54:11 EDT

I just got the October 99 issue of Hobby Japan, and they have pictures of the
Alex, the metallized Char Gundam, The Metallized Gato Gelgoog, the HGUC
Quebley, and a bunch of other cool stuff including pictures of every entry at
Jaf Con. The Quebley looks AWESOME and definately worth the money. The
shoulder armors split apart and have awesome MG quality internal detail. The
Alex looks awesome. With all of the Patlaborishness of the Kampher, it seems
the Alex has taken a turn down Patlabor lane too. It has shoulders similar
to an Ingram in that it has the rubber "cloth" covering the interior shoulder
with the Armor Epaulet on top of that. I hope that last line makes sense.
Also I caved in and got the 1/100 scale Turn A and while over all it is very
good, it's shoulder movement is suprising. It uses a ball mechanism inside
the shoulder which gives it a wide range of motion from the shoulder joint.
The elbow joint seemed like it would be limiting since it only moves in one
range of motion on its own (Like the Jegan). But when coupled with the
incredible shoulder joint, it actually has a more realistic human-like range
of motion.It is actually a good kit and I am really starting to love the Turn
A design. I still can't really look at it as a Gundam, but it is a cool


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