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> Actually, Matt, the first Mobile Suit to be equipped with a Linear Seat
> was the RX-78 NT-1, back at the end of the 1YW (Kind of makes you wonder

heh, I like Alex more and more each passing day.

> However, due to the small scope of 0080's story, it's not the best
> medium to take advantage of the spectacular views provided by the

Yeah, that's for sure.

> cockpits. The system was used again in the GP-03, and by the start of

I remember seeing it in one of the episodes. He powers up the unit and all
those viewscreens turn on. That was cool.

> Zeta Gundam, it had become standard in most Mobile Suits. I don't

I've never seen Zeta Gundam,. but I assumed it would have been only a few
years after unit 3 that it became the standard.

thanks. I'm-a learning new stuff even on days when I don't have classes. ;-)

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