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>I think you may have the good guys and bad guys mixed up. Outlaws aren't
>necessarily bad guys, witness Robin Hood. Iron Gear are the good guys.
>The bad guys go by the name Innocent -- go figure!

 No I haven't... I know it sounds kinda confusing, but
 we met Amandara Kamandara (from L-Gaim) during one of
 the intermissions. The badguy Eluchi was there in his
 ship. I think she was asking for help or something...
 so we decided to go with her. Practically, in the
 Xabungle world, we are initially allied with the bad-
 guys. Jiron Amos and co. were on the opposing side.
 During the next scernario, the Iron Gear is the enemy
 side, and Eluchi was on the neutral side... later, we
 were able to convince the Iron Gear to join us, and
 thus, we're automatically on the side of the
 protagonists in the Xabungle story. Did I get it right?

>> Is she the brown-haired girl along with the bad guys?

>No, Gerta's the "full-figured" gal with the white (well, very pale blue) hair and the black leather dominatrix outfit, swiped from the Heavy Metal movie.

 Is Gerta the girl with the surname "Toron/Tron"?

>There are two brown-haired females with Iron Gear, but only one qualifies as a girl: 15-year-old Vilin Nada (Not-A Villain?). She wears an orange tunic with a gunbelt and short tan cape.

>The other is the statuesque Lovely Rose, usually seen in the company of the wimpy Propopief Sandora.


>That's probably 16-year-old Maria Maria. She has short blue-black hair and wears a blue blouse, brown pants and (occasionally) a brown fur mantle. She, Vilin and Lag are all rivals for the affection of pretty-boy Arthur Lang, while Eluchi Cargo almost strangled Arthus and has the hots for bad boy Biel.

 No... the girl I was talking about was on the Innocent's
 side, and has brown hair.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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