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> I wasn't here for the start of this discussion, so I don't know if you're
> talking about a specific MS or not, but I believe, starting with Unit Three,
> all gundam cockpits (at least the gundams, probably other MS as well) had a
> surround-vision viewscreen that gave a complete 360-degree view of the
> action. If this was the case, all that would be need is some kind of
> rotating chair.
> I think. It's late and my brain hurts, so I could be wrong, but the ideas
> sound good to me right now at least.
<<<Further Snippage>>>

Actually, Matt, the first Mobile Suit to be equipped with a Linear Seat
was the RX-78 NT-1, back at the end of the 1YW (Kind of makes you wonder
about Camille's parent's involvement in that project, as his father
Franklin was supposed to have been the designer of the system.)
However, due to the small scope of 0080's story, it's not the best
medium to take advantage of the spectacular views provided by the
cockpits. The system was used again in the GP-03, and by the start of
Zeta Gundam, it had become standard in most Mobile Suits. I don't
believe that the Double Zeta has one, due to it's design. (It's almost
universal that you cannot have a core fighter and a linear seat in the
same suit.)

Now, as usual, I more than willingly admit that I could be wrong,
especially where it involves something I haven't seen (ZZ-Gundam in this
case). If so, please, feel free to correct me.

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