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> > Judging by the anime, the cockpit always returns to the
> > "neutral" position, so that the pilot is facing "forward" when the hatch
> > pops. (^_^);;
> well it's better than walking right into the reactor. >_< So I assume
> the cockpit to have full rotational freedom?

my guess is that it's similar to those spinning ball thingies that people
get in to text for astronauts and stuff.

I'm sorry, that was hideous, wasn't it? I don't remember the exact word... I
want to say "gyroscope" - it's the three circles that rotate around (in?)
each other thingy. There's probably a rail system around the cockpit for it
to rotate this way, if indeed it does rotate at all. I'm sure it would be
much more comfortable for the pilot, not to mention less disorienting than
high-acceleration turns.

I wasn't here for the start of this discussion, so I don't know if you're
talking about a specific MS or not, but I believe, starting with Unit Three,
all gundam cockpits (at least the gundams, probably other MS as well) had a
surround-vision viewscreen that gave a complete 360-degree view of the
action. If this was the case, all that would be need is some kind of
rotating chair.

I think. It's late and my brain hurts, so I could be wrong, but the ideas
sound good to me right now at least.

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