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> ><< Another technical inconsistency? (I am talking about
> > space based Mobile Suits, ground based Mobile Suits tends to be slow
> > down by gravity). >>
> >Is there even G-Force in space??? I didn't think there was??
> "G" as in acceleration, not as in gravity.

I image this G-force is somewhat related to the artificial gravity in
the colonies

> I'm also given to understand that the spherical Mobile Suit cockpit, which
> in many cases doubles as an escape pod, is mounted on gymbals so that it is
> always oriented such that the pilot faces the line of trajectory. As the
> MS turns, the entire cockpit swivels to compensate.

sort of like those 'ball' compasses, no matter how you hold the damn
thing the N-S-E-W markings are always facing towards the sky.

> Judging by the anime, the cockpit always returns to the outer-hatch-facing
> "neutral" position, so that the pilot is facing "forward" when the hatch
> pops. (^_^);;

well it's better than walking right into the reactor. >_< So I assume
the cockpit to have full rotational freedom?

                  Michael Ip

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