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> Hi, here are some answers to help you, not THE answers, but..... here we
> go......

anything is better than nothing, dude. it's cool.

> Go for Dom, it's the mount for the Black Tri-Star's Ortega, and it's
> identical to the Rick-Dom, externally.

not quite sure what you mean with the "mount" comment, but your word is as
good as any. I never could see a big difference between the Dom and the Rick
Dom anyways. Tho, I think the Dom Tropen was bigger or somethin, wasn't he?

> > 3) Alex? There's an MG ALEX out? A few months ago we were all saying
> > this would NEVER happen! When did it happen? Just now? Where can I get
> > on the kit?
> Haven't you saw the messages on the list ? That's a GOOD place to find
what you
> want to know.

I just re-subscribed after leaving in the middle of April for Final Exams
and summer break. I _am_ in the process of scanning through the archives
but, as you can guess, that takes quite some time. I had just heard
absolutely NIL on this model, and the Alex is my second favorite gundam
(With Unit 3 being the first), so I was naturally, pleasantly surprised and
quite intrigued when I decided to order some things from HLJ and saw "Alex"
on the MG list.

Back in March/April I had mentioned that there were about five kits I wanted
to see in the MG series: a Dom, Alex, A Gouf, Unit 3, and a Gelgoog Marine.
The Dom was on its way, and I think the Gelgoog Marine was voted "most
likely" just cause its a variation. And now the Alex, well, two out of five
isn't all bad, and there's always more coming...

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