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Hi, here are some answers to help you, not THE answers, but..... here we

Der UberHanyok wrote:

> 1) Dom or Rick-Dom? I was gonna order the Dom, but if the Rick comes with
> more stuff, well, I'm always about getting more stuff.

Go for Dom, it's the mount for the Black Tri-Star's Ortega, and it's almost
identical to the Rick-Dom, externally.

> 2) What's with these new GMs? Anything neat? I looked but haven't been able
> to find any graphical data on them. Just curious, mostly.

I'm as curious as you are !

> 3) Alex? There's an MG ALEX out? A few months ago we were all saying that
> this would NEVER happen! When did it happen? Just now? Where can I get info
> on the kit?

Haven't you saw the messages on the list ? That's a GOOD place to find what you
want to know.

> 4) Are these "real-type" models those re-tooled 1/100 kits that were talked
> about before? They look like 'em...

They are the same molds of 7 of the 1/100, 1982/83 kits, only with decals
instead of transfers, new boxes and some peculiar optional paint schemes. Pretty
crappy for today's standards (specially the RX-78), but nonetheless, very
appealing and collectible, and.... I've got 'em all :)

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