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Thu, 16 Sep 1999 21:45:11 -0400

Hey guys. seems I missed a lot over the summer. I'm just now getting around
to checking HLJ's site again and BOOM! Wow! So, naturally, I have a few
questions (which could have been avoided if there were pictures on the HLJ
site, but alas, there are not):

1) Dom or Rick-Dom? I was gonna order the Dom, but if the Rick comes with
more stuff, well, I'm always about getting more stuff.

2) What's with these new GMs? Anything neat? I looked but haven't been able
to find any graphical data on them. Just curious, mostly.

3) Alex? There's an MG ALEX out? A few months ago we were all saying that
this would NEVER happen! When did it happen? Just now? Where can I get info
on the kit?

4) Are these "real-type" models those re-tooled 1/100 kits that were talked
about before? They look like 'em...

I guess its a good thing I didn't order anything over the summer then, isn't
it? Ah well... seems that so far all of my wishes have come true. Heck if
Bandai releases an MG Gouf and an MG Unit Three then I'll be just about the
happiest gundam fan on the planet. (Alex? really? I think I'm in denial!)

Oh yah, what's the verdict on Turn-A? I haven't heard much about it as my
"local import store" hasn't been very good on getting fansubs.

Matt "defender of rubber chickens everywhere" Hanyok
"I've yet to understand this concept of 'stupid people' which seem to exist
everywhere in society, who already outnumber the smart people, who control
most major portions of the world, are in positions of extreme power and are
breeding at an alarming rate. Honestly, it frightens the willies out of me."

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