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> Rodrick Su writes,
> >So that Rick Dom was Delaz's personal MS.
> That's what it says in the 0083 novels (which are edited by series
> director Imanishi). I looked at the animation again and, yes,
> that's one
> funky Dom - black and brown, with red highlights and purple
> trim on most
> of the armor parts. Evidently Delaz is one of the many Zeon commanders
> who keeps a personalized mobile suit for battlefield excursions. This
> would explain not only why the Dom was still in the hangar,
> but also why
> Delaz rushed down to the hangar so quickly ("hey, Colonel - somebody's
> stealing your Dom!").
> But what kind of Dom is it? Its detailing is identical to the
> ground-only MS-09F/TROP Dom Tropen, but we can't see its feet. Perhaps
> it's the mythical MS-09F Dom Fuenf, which would presumably be a
> general-purpose space/ground model.

It wouldn't make sense for Delaz to be carrying a Ground-only MS. Afterall,
he is a part of Giren's Home Defense fleet, which only engages in
space-based combat. The colony type MS tends to be modified version of
space based MS, with updated software to compensate for movement inside a
colony. That would be the extend of Delaz's operating range.

Of course, we all know how that usually works up. In 08th MS Team, Zeon
General Yuri Kerane during the evacuation from Odessa was commenting on why
they are taking a marine-based MS into space...

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