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> Which goes back to my original question. When ever we see a Mobile Suit
> like Char's Zaku IIs dodging a shot from Amuro, the MS is doing a good deal
> of vector change, which should result in tremedious discomfort. When we
> a ms doing a 360 pitch roll and goes off in the reverse direction, that
> exerts tremedious amount of G-Force. And lets not get into the tight turn,
> which is very easily done in space...

If the pilot's suit is a G-Suit, and if the MS's thrust is always "below" the
pilot, then I see no reason way a pilot couldn't survive such low Gees that
we see in the shows. It isn't until the Linear Cockpit comes into use that we
start seeing MSs with greater than 2 Gee thrusts. The average person can take
3 Gees without problems but very few people can take more than 1 negative Gee
without internal injury. A G-Suit will help out greatly with positive Gees,
but will do nothing for negative Gees. Only realigning the pilot to the
direction of thrust will help with that.


PS-Negative Gees occur when a pilot is accelerated from his or her head to
his or her feet. Internal organs are suspended from the top of the organ so
that gravity keeps them open and in the correct shape. So by accelerating
head first, stress is placed on the "mounting" points of our internal organs
as nature intended, while accelerating feet first can cause these same organs
to flatten and ever sheer from their "mounting," thus causing injury.

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