Chris Beilby (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 17:25:55 GMT

>Which goes back to my original question. When ever we see a Mobile Suit
>like Char's Zaku IIs dodging a shot from Amuro, the MS is doing a good deal
>of vector change, which should result in tremedious discomfort. When we
>a ms doing a 360 pitch roll and goes off in the reverse direction, that
>exerts tremedious amount of G-Force. And lets not get into the tight turn,
>which is very easily done in space...

Well, Roderic, the thing is that there really isn't any answer to your
question which would be satisfactory without handwaving it off as 'Anime
Physics.' Which is a shame, because of Gundam's reliance on at least making
an effort to have the physics of the show be realistic...

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