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> ><< Another technical inconsistency? (I am talking about
> > space based Mobile Suits, ground based Mobile Suits tends
> to be slow
> > down by gravity). >>
> >Is there even G-Force in space??? I didn't think there was??
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> In this case, G-forces are a function of acceleration rather
> than gravity,
> similarly to the way in which centrifical (spelling?) force
> is used to
> simulate gravity in a space colony. It is a function of
> Newton's laws.
> When creating thrust, the g-forces in question are caused by
> the thrust
> overcoming the inertia of the body which the thrust is being
> applied to.

Which goes back to my original question. When ever we see a Mobile Suit
like Char's Zaku IIs dodging a shot from Amuro, the MS is doing a good deal
of vector change, which should result in tremedious discomfort. When we see
a ms doing a 360 pitch roll and goes off in the reverse direction, that
exerts tremedious amount of G-Force. And lets not get into the tight turn,
which is very easily done in space...

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