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> anyone has the MP3 of the ending sound track of the
> "vibrating mountain part (2)" from 08th MS team??
> please tell me where i can download it ... .

The song you heard is "Together In The Future"
(accoustic version). The original version can be heard
near the end of episode 5 (when Eledore was about to
be wheeled off from the frontline).

I don't know where you can d/l the 'accoustic version'
since I don't think a clean version of it (i.e. w/o
Michel's dialogue in the OVA) is available on any of
the 08's CD albums, but the original version of
"Together In the Future" is available as a 4-track 3"
CD single (c/w "My Courage" and the Kareoake versions
of both song) in traditional Japanese 'snap-pack'
(Starchild/Kings Records KIDS-310; 971 yen outside of
Japan). It should be available at your nearby CD
stores that sell Japanese import CDs.

BTW, I like both versions of the song very much. ^_^

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