reika (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 23:07:16 +1200

Well I finally bit the bullet and assembled the Perfect Ziong sitting in
the corner of my room. Something I never noticed about the Ziong, the
skirt is heart shaped. Yup, this is the Gion love machine all right.
Char, I am impressed :)

Anyway, I fixed it up in about an hour, no paint job. I think my
assembly skill has improved since I last assembled a kit, which was, oh,
about 12 years ago. However, now I realise why I stopped modelling.
The finished product looks cheap! Of course that's my opinion and
definitely refers to my own finished product. Given my skills, I hardly
think a paint job would have helped either. I have also forgotten how
light the plastic models are, almost makes it feel fragile. I'm going
to pose the Ziong like the final jump in the All Black haka.

You guys can carry on with the kits, it's really not me, but little
exercise has given me the confidence to start those resin kits I bought
back in 93...mmmmmm, figures :)

                  Michael Ip

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