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The VSBR was first used on the protypes Gundam F-90 and of course the F-91
in dramatic trial by in UC 0123. The VSBR became standard equipment for
mobile suits.Also this variable beam speed technology was also used in the
beam bazooka (also known as a beam launcher) which was also used by the F-91
as optional weapon but also was developed by the Crossbone Vanguard in their
Vigna Ghina mobile suit.The beam bazooka is not powered by the reactor as
the VSBR is but by a E-pack and fires slow moving particles to cause massive
damage on a target.But the ultimate use of VSBR technology came in UC 0194
with the League Militaire's V Gundam's and V2 Gundam's mega beam
rifle.Ironically though it was the Zanscare Empire's mobile suit Zanneck
that had the most surprising use of VSBR technology in the form of the mega
beam cannon.The Zanneck's cannon is able to snipe targets on the ground
while the Zanneck is flying in the stratosphere thus making the Zanneck's
mega beam cannon quite possobly the most deadly and powerful beam weapon
used in the Universal Century.

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>Edmund Chiu wrote:
> > I thought we go over this before - the mask was in place because the
> > Bio-computer generate a lot of heat so by opening the mask, it can cool
> > down a bit more. F91 never opened up it mask until the fight against
> > Mask, since Seabrook was using the Bio Computer full time...
>So next question why bother with the mask other than to make i look like
>a traditional Gundam (as it was not originally intended to be called
>Gundam)? I assume the bio computer is under the mask and perhaps the
>mask served as some sort of armour for it?
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