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At 07:32 PM 9/15/99 , Rodrick Su wrote:
>Ok, one of the main advantage of a Mobile Suit over convention space
>fighter is its amazing abilities to do maneuvers impossible for the
>fighters. Which brings up an interesting question, modern fighter
>aircraft pulls between 6 and 10 G in a tight curve, and would
>incapacitate most pilots without leg restraints and other anti-G
>Force mechanism. Some of the Mobile Suits are cable of doing multi-G
>acceleration in a straight line (Like GP03 and V2 Gundam), never mind
>the dead stop reverse acceleration and other neato moves. By all
>account, these moves exerts even more G-Force than the ones our
>pilots faces, and I haven't seen any kind of protection gears against
>the G-Force. Another technical inconsistency? (I am talking about
>space based Mobile Suits, ground based Mobile Suits tends to be slow
>down by gravity).

Ok, I forgot the linear seat that would have help the G-Force problem,
but I was complaining about lack of anti-G-Force restrains on pilot's

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