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> Sweet dude! I think Gus probably pointed this out already, that the 1/60
> scale resin kit of GP-02A was actually made in Hong Kong.

The price was set at 35,000 Yen (in the index page of JAFCON#8 Guidebook),
but 45,000 Yen in the detail page.... so I'm not sure which one is correct.
....but one thing for sure.....they sold out all of their stocks in the
Convention, within just a blink.

> The sculptor was able to obtain a one-day-only license to show off his
ware at the show,

They are [UTOPIA Hobbies], and their E-mail address is

They also mentioned that 1/60 GP04 would be shown in JAFCON (for 38,000 Yen)
...but as far as I know....nothing....may be they tried to resemble the
mysterious of this hidden flower, Gerbera (^_-)
(The flower language for Gerbera = Mysterious)

> but subsequently seemed to have trouble getting a full license to sell it
outside of the Con.

True (......may be)

Where in the world do you think that those "Recast" GKs come from?
Do you think they care about License?

Lersak B.

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