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> I accidentally found that this Game also contains the Audio Track when I
> tried to browse the movie files. If you want to listen, put either Disc-1
> 2 in your CD Player and select Track#2. (about 2 min. each)

        Whoa, cool! If I'm not mistaken, when the original G-Generation was
placed into a CD player and played, there was a whole big thing with Char,
Amuro, and Lalah about playing Playstation discs in a CD player. Cute. ^_^
::goes off to listen to the G-Zero spoof things::


> The first disc features major characters from OYW, in their ‘famous’ phrase
> (with a funny twist)
> Such as
> (*Remark* My Japanese Skill is not so perfect, so I may be wrong about
> translation)
> Disc-1
> Amuro / Char / Slecker “This is the PSX CD, don’t try to play it on your
> Audio System, it may cause damage on your Speakers”, etc. etc.
> The ZABIs brothers “This is a great game, Don’t bother playing other games”
> Kyoda Shiro / Zaki Takeda (From Plamo Kyoshiro, boasting about their Plamo
> Spirits)
> Nina / Kou “Ayah! My G-Gene CD!”
> Gato / Delaz “Leave this (CD) to me, Ok?” (from the beginning of Chapter 1)
> Makube “This is a good one!” (Kore ha ii mono da!)
> For Disc-2
> Not sure whether who’s who (Haman? Mashuma? Gyunei?, but they’re making fun
> of the Hideous MS, Zakurello (^_^)
> Lers.

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