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>>Paul Fields wrote:
>Maybe someone who knows more about these things than I do could answer this,
>but what happened to the data for [eg] the TSR2 [British fighter plane
>cancelled sometime in the 60's IIRC] or the YB70 Valkyrie? Or for that
>matter the Maus?

        The Maus prototype ended up in Russian hands, I believe. It may
now be sitting in a Russian museum. The TSR-2 prototypes, I think, were
broken up, but I have no idea where the data is - probably locked up in
some Ministry of Defence file - sometimes, military technology is so far
ahead of its time that the data cannot be released even years after the
product has been judged obsolete - as in the case of the IR seeker on
the British Red Top missile. I think that at least one XB-70 Valkyrie
ended up in an American museum.

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