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Tue, 14 Sep 1999 22:40:53 +0100

>Paul Fields wrote:
> one wonders why they simply did
>> not continue improving the GM line instead of making the MK-II
>> or continue the GP series, with a Re-GP-01Fb (Refined)as the
>> standard Titans suit, like they did to the Gundam Zeta for CCA.
>Because after Operation Stardust all of the GP-series data were erased
>and everyone built their new MS from scratch.

I know that's what it says, and I know that we should accept it, but.

You know why it says that, and I know why it says that - because if it
*didn't* it would blow the continuity apart.

How many copies of the data would have existed? Who would have had a copy?
WHY would everybody voluntarily destroy anything so useful? [Because of the
events surrounding the GP series? (Yeah, right)]

Maybe someone who knows more about these things than I do could answer this,
but what happened to the data for [eg] the TSR2 [British fighter plane
cancelled sometime in the 60's IIRC] or the YB70 Valkyrie? Or for that
matter the Maus?

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