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>>So, Damon snaps his fingers and the pod opens to reveal the Shining Gundam,
>>which moves into position to receive Domon, who magically appears in the
>>cockpit. (Later, he docks the air car with the God Gundam to board.) Once
>>in the cockpit, Domon goes through the Trace System rubberizing process,
>>then does his warmup and checkout kata (now faithfully replicated by the
>>MF) and is ready to rock 'n' roll.
> Uh... a point of correction; that's actually Mobile
> "Dress" System... not "Trace" :)

The katakana read "Mo-bi-ru To-re-e-su Shi-su-te-mu" -- "To" as in T, not
"Do" as in D. "Dress" would make sense if all we were talking about is the
system to put a skintight Fighter Suit on someone, but that's not the case.

The Mobile Trace System moves the Mobile Fighter in an exact replication of
the pilot's movements as registered by the Fighter Suit. In other words,
it traces the pilot's actions.

This should not be confused with the Mobile Tress System, which mimics the
actions of the pilot's long, gravity-defying hair...! (^_^);;


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