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>> I'm surprised that these bad boys don't use their
>> thrusters as weapons -- a shot of plasma at close
>> range, kill the target and propel yourself clear in
>> one fell swoop. (Or a swell foop, depending on the
>> sound effects?) The closest that I can recall is the
>> V2 Gundam using its beam wings to cut other MS in
>> half, but then my memory's proven to be a bit faulty
>> of late.
>IIRC, it happened twice:
>"Gundam 0079" TV series: during Ranba's first siege of
>"White Base" in Central Asia, a J-type Zaku II got
>close to one of WB's main thruster at the rear, and
>Mirai Yashima (WB's skip) responded with an emergency
>take-off, and charcoaled the Zaku with a big thruster

OK, that's one. But I'm thinking more of an MS deliberately firing his
verniers into another MS, either as a sneak attack or an act of desperation
(i.e., he had other weapons but used the thrusters instead or was out of
ammo and presumed "helpless" and used the thrusters in lieu of an obvious

>"Gundam: the 08th MS Team" (episode 8) while a trio of
>desperate Zeon MS team was surrounded by angry
>villagers/partisan + attack from the 08 Team, a Zaku
>II tried to make an escape by jet-assisted jump with
>its back thruster, inadvertently blown off a nearby
>hut and killed Bresto Logita, the guerilla leader.

I don't think this qualifies as using the thruster as a weapon, because it
was not intentional. This is more like the woman getting beaned by an
expended shell casing from an MS-mounted cannon in F91.


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