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>Ok, what is the biggest display of Newtype power in UC timeline?
>Here are some of my picks:
>Angel Halo at the end of "V Gundam"
>Amuro Rey's final big push with Nu Gundam in "Char's Counterattack". (Was
>that a result of the fully powerup of Nu Gundam's psychoframe or did he went
>out and grab everyone around's latent Newtype power, including Char's?)
>"Zeta Gundam", the final powerup of Zeta Gundam in the Waverider form in the
>final episode.

Elpeo Plé's retardation of an entire space colony as it was dropped on
Dublin. The colony ended up stuck into the Irish sod like a lawn dart,
looking like a scaled up Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Using a fraction of that power expenditure, Elpeo could've levitated
herself to Jupiter or tossed the ZZ Gundam into the Sun.

For that matter, she could've deflected Axis into a stable Near-Earth Orbit
all by her lonesome!


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