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>Fin Fannels (Funnels) are descendants of bits. They are a self-propelled
>weapon system that can project energy beams (like beam rifles), act
>as missiles, and when used with other FFs, can project a beam barrier.
>They are controlled by thought after being launched from the Nu-Gundam.
>They appear in CCA.

 Speaking of Funnels and Bits...

 Does anyone notice that some have excessively utilized the concept of this weapon?

 1) Lord of Elemental's "(Hi-)Familia"; which I think
    is piloted by animals. For example, Masaki's cats
    Shiro and Kuro (reminds me of Artemis & Luna).

 2) R-3's "Strike Shield"; which rams itself into the

 3) Carrion Granada/Infinite or Jagger North's
    "Psycho Stinger"; which nontheless serves the
    same purpose as the...

 4) Vierge's "Aerods"; which shoots a beam of energy
    at the target.

Are there more?

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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