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Tue, 14 Sep 1999 08:02:06 -0400

>What excatly are Fin Fannels(like on the Nu Gundams back)? Are they pyschic
>controlled, automated, what? Also, since I have never seen the Gundam anime
>with the Fan Fannels, are they sorta like those mind controlled floating,
>lasers that one of Ellys gears, in the video game XenoGears, shots at the
>enemy from the Gears back? Did I spell Fin Fannels right? What Gundam
>anime/movies are the Fin Fannels in?

 Actually, someone mentioned this point of comparison a
 few months ago. "If it were Gundam, Elly would be a
 Newtype". I've thought about this and realized that
 Xenogears mecha (and characters) may have been based
 on other sources, particularly Gundam. Here are the
 analogies I've noticed;

Fei = a Gundam Fighter/Domon
Elly = a Newtype
Aerods = Funnels/Fin Funnels
Vierge = Nobel Gundam/R-3
Graf = Master Asia/Touhou Fuhai
Xenogears = G Gundam or Psybuster
Renmazuo = Worker-type mecha from Xabungle
Bart = Quatre
Brigandier = Rashidi's MS (look at the feather)
Bart's troops' Gears = Quatre's troops' MS
Rico = Blanka
Seibzen = Giant Robo
Elementals' robot (can't remember the name) = Golion V/
 Voltron Lions

 Are there more?

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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