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>Well, as far as the agreement with Tokuma, Disney is curtailed by the
>contract. Miyazaki and Tokuma made sure to put a clause in the contract
>saying that they had final approval on all changes to be made, and that
>/nothing/ whatsoever was to be cut from the films. Hence, Mononoke-Hime
>being released by Miramax (although it will be a limited release.)
>Likewise, as the agreement includes Nausicaa, perhaps american audiences
>will finally see this classic as it was meant to be, rather than in the
>terribly butchered Warriors of the Wind. (Goddess only knows what
>they'll do to Heisei Tanuki Wars: Pom Poko, however...)

That's good news to hear. Always make sure there are clauses like that in
contracts of this sort.

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