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>The only reason Disney buys Japanese anime is to obtain control of any
>potential threats to their monopoly of kiddie-friendly animation. Witness
>how they bought modern classics such as Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service
>only to put them out directly on home video, thus eliminating any hope of
>releasing them theatrically, which is dominated by lame re-releases and
>remakes from Disney's library.
>Don't expect Disney to invest much money or effort in the marketing of
>The Pricess Mononoke - they've already tossed it to their indie distributor
>Miramax for a release date that's closer to Halloween instead of the summer
>or Thanksgiving (well out of the way of Tarzan and Toy Story 2). This is
>how a work of art that was No. 2 in Japanese box office history got treated
>Count ourselves lucky Disney hasn't touched Gundam yet.

I will have to agree with reservation on this one. Disney's tactics have
made sure that not very many people will see those movies, even though they
are basically very good shots at box-office sales.

I have always known that Disney is not as goodie goodie as it wants itself
to be seen. Heck, just learning that even a DisneyLand/World employees
shoes are subject to scrutiny, as well as behavior and all that even out of
the sight of customers is ugh for me. Besides, after watching the Disney
movies...I get mixed reactions. I know they're good as stories in
themselves, and are definitely wonders of animation...but some of them are,
to put it bluntly, disturbing. Maybe it's because I've had too much
cultural studies and analysis in the brain because of my major in college,
but it disturbs me nonetheless.

I'm always hoping that Disney will end up doing right by Japanese anime.

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